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Playing cards is thought to have originated in Italy in the mid 1800s. Today, card games remain popular all over the world. Some different types of card games include Bridge, Poker, Cribbage, Solitaire and Rummy. Poker is a popular card game, which can be played online and offline. Many different variations of Rummy exist today.

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Different Types of Card GamesWhat Are Classic Card Games?How to Play Card Games?Card Game RulesStrategyFrequently Asked QuestionsWhat do I need to play different types of card games?Most card games can be played using the standard Anglo-American 52-card deck, apart from the special decks made using the more traditional deck styles. Certain games do require the use of the shrunken Spanish decks. Some even require additional materials besides the actual playing cards, Cribbage for …How many card games are there?There are a nearly infinite number of ways to play cards, with new methods being discovered and popularized on a nearly weekly basis. With enough imagination, you could come up with your own rules as well.When were card games invented?The earliest cards were found in the Chinese Tang Dynasty, around the 9thcentury. Poker cards were first used in the 15thcentury in Europe.在coololdgames.com上查看更多信息

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OverviewTypesTypical structure of card gamesRulesPlaying cardsSee alsoExternal linksThe object of a trick-taking game is based on the play of multiple rounds, or tricks, in each of which each player plays a single card from their hand, and based on the values of played cards one player wins or "takes" the trick. The specific object varies with each game and can include taking as many tricks as possible, taking as many scoring cards within the tricks won as possible, taking as few tricks (or as few penalty cards) as possible, taking a particular trick in the hand, or taking an exact number of tricks. Bridge, Wikipedia · CC-BY-SA 许可下的文字

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