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Ask Gaming Reddit: What is the best graphics card for ...

Both good cards. If the OP is asking for a card for less than $100, he's probably not going to be interested in overclocking or enjoy updating drivers constantly. To that end, I say go with the nVidia; they are more stable and a 9800 is more than adaquate for any game currently available.

What is the best graphics card for 1080p gaming? - reddit

Otacube3. · 1y. If you like Nvidia card, go for RTX 2060 Super. It is 400 US$ and it work super well for 1080p @60~144hz. 1. level 1. TKalib3R. · 1y. 1660ti can push most games @ 60fps no problem.

Which games have the best graphics? : pcmasterrace

level 1. MoriMeDaddy69. · 2y. i7 8700k | RTX 2080S. People shit on EA but let me tell you, those are some of the best graphics I've ever seen. Battlefield V, Battlefront 2, and Anthem have BEAUTIFUL graphics. 5. level 2. UnleashTheBeebo.

Best Windows 98SE Graphics Card for Gaming. (also ... - …

The best GPU that is supported without any patches for Win9x is the GeForce 6800 Ultra 256MB. 2. level 1. Qbaquest. · 1y. I put 3 different Nvidia graphic cards into my retro computer, latest drivers for win9x makes system freeze. I bought 256mb ATI Radeon, i dont remember what model, because it was long time ago, but it works fine. 2. level 1.

We're all about graphics cards! - reddit

r/graphicscard: This subreddit is for build questions and graphics cards. If you have a question about the best card in the market or just what card … Press J to jump to the feed.

Is it impossible to get graphics cards right now? - reddit

Updated my GPU drivers couple days ago. And tried to check my performance in FurMark just to see how it goes. I was surprised, half year ago I got on 1440p preset in FurMark: Old score (winter): Score 11214 / 187 FPS. Today's: Score 5688 / 95 FPS. System before: RTX 3080, Ryzen 7 3700x. System now: RTX 3080, Ryzen 7 5800x.

Is this a good deal for a 3060/5600x?(details ... -

My friend has been looking for decent priced graphics cards for the last 6 months and is just thinking of buying a used entire system now. ... but will this run games good like GTA5 fivem, fortnite, COD, etc.. see full image. see full image. see full image. 1/3. 9. 7 comments. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts.

PC games I can play without a graphics card? - reddit

And the best way to shorten this grind is to ignore the mechanic that's supposed to deliver that feeling of anxiety to the player (torch management) and just go in the dark. Slay the spire is also an offender for me. It's supposed to be a roguelike deckbuilder, yet whenever you're offered cards, the best choice is usually to not take any.

Low End Gaming - reddit

Winners of The Best Freeware and Retail Summer 2013 Lowend Games. Winners of The Best Freeware and Retail Summer 2012 Lowend Games. Master List Of Low-end Games. Official lists of games that support Intel integrated graphics. Cheap Low-End Gaming Curator Page (Courtesy of /u/inyourarea) Picking A Cheap Graphics Card for Your ...

The 15 Most Graphically Demanding PC Games

2020-02-20 · 11 Crysis 3. When it comes to the one game that's most well-known for melting GPUs to a puddle of molten plastic, it's definitely Crysis 3 and its predecessors. This game is so notorious for its intensive graphics that it's often used as a benchmark when testing GPU performances, along with games like Skyrim.预计阅读时间:9 分钟

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