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Cops and Robbers Card Game: Rules and How to Play

04.12.2020 · Add the rest of the cards to a discard pile to use for other rounds of the game. Cops and Robbers Rules and Gameplay. The best thing about Cops and Robbers is that the game order gets decided by the cards, so who the cop and robber are is completely random each game. Starting the Game. Start by shuffling the cards, then hand out each card …

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How to Play Cops and RobbersSetting Up The GameCops and Robbers Rules and Game PlayStipulations and Game SafetyIf the game is played inside the gym, have first half stand in the middle of the gym together as a group. This team will be the robbers. The other team should be throughout the entire gym and not kept as a group. These will be the cops. The point of the game is for the robbers to run around the gym and not get tagged by the cops who will be chasing them diligently. The robbers have to run and grab as many bean bags, which would be considered the “loot,” and bring it back to the home base safely wit…

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If the robber, however, winks at the cop, the cop will instantly display his card (the Ace) and wins the hand. The cop also collects two points when doing so, while the robber loses two points. After the statement has been made the cop then immediately shows his card (to prove his identity as the cop) and he will then attempt to determine the identify of the robber.

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Everyone sits in a circle, a dealer (or Cop) is chosen and the game begins. The object is to guess the value (number or face) of the card that is coming up next. If nobody guesses correctly 3 times in a row the dealer hands the deck to whomever they choose and they become the new Cop.


Rules and instructions for the popular card drinking game, Cops and Robbers, a great game at any party. Home > Drinking games > Card games > Cops and Robbers Cops and Robbers. 1 deck of cards 6+ players. Get a group of people (preferably at least 6 people) to sit around a table.

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