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Explore Lycia

In ancient times, the region known today as the Teke Peninsula which stretches from Dalaman stream in the west all the way to Phaselis on the western outskirts of modern day Antalya city, was called LYCIA and the people living there were known as LYCIANS

Throughout ancient history , the Lycians had always held a distinctive place among the various races of Anatolia. Locked away in their mountainous country, they had a fierce love of freedom and independence.

With its historical heritage sheltered within, Lycia is practically an open -air museum and is Anatolia s most mysterious region , a place where green forests surround lacy coves and shade the deep blue water. As Kalkan is in the heart of Lycia it is ıdeally located to explore the many hıstorıcal sites and places of great natural beauty. We organıse tours ın Kalkan and the southwest of Turkey.



Take A Cruise

Enjoy a full day's cruise across the crystal blue water. Cruise around numerous islands and caves.. Enjoy the sun, sea, swimming and lunch onboard.  There are countless boats that can be chartered or join one of the regular cruises.

Learn to Dive

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